WIS Survey


WIS Survey

WIS Survey creates a new marriage between survey count data and geo-spatial data. The end product results in more accurate survey count data, with less entry time.

  • 173 predefined animals, plants, and assets. Easily create anything you want to survey

  • Survey events can be associated with a specific property for a specific date range

  • Lightning fast animal, plant, or asset counting with simple one tap interface

  • Geo-location data recorded for every animal, plant, or asset you select

  • Quickly record geolocated notes with photos for anything encountered during surveys

  • Easily e-mail the survey and location data to one or more e-mail addresses

  • Exported data can be used in spreadsheets and mapping applications.

WIS Survey runs on Android phones or tablets with built-in GPS and screen larger than 5 inches. It is optimized for 7 inch tablets. We recommend the Nexus 7 (2013) model.



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Benefits of this WIS application

WIS Survey was designed to meet the needs of wildlife professionals and landowners by providing a tool to easily create geolocated point data using a wildlife related application. WIS Survey is an Android based phone or tablet app that gives you a paperless approach to creating standardized data collection. This standardized, greener approach reduces human error and increases entry speed by eliminating the paper & pen from the data collection process.

WIS Survey allows the user to send a user defined report from the app to any email address. This email report eliminates the need to manually enter data into a spreadsheet. The .csv file contained in the email can be opened, copied and pasted into any established user defined spreadsheet for data analysis. The location files contained sent from the app can be opened and viewed in a variety of software applications including Excel, Google Earth, MapInfo ArcGIS, and WIS Map.