WIS Map provides integrated mapping services for other WIS applications and as well as serves as a standalone location tracker.

  • Rapidly plot survey data from WIS Survey¬†without exporting and importing data

  • Record, pause, and resume survey tracks to account for refueling or other needs

  • Plotted map tracks include total track length, maximum speed, and total time

  • Easily re-fly tracks with included location, speed, and bearing data for each point

  • Includes Google Maps display so you don’t have to open a separate browser

WIS Map runs on Android phones or tablets with built-in GPS and screen larger than 5 inches. It is optimized for 7 inch tablets. We recommend the Nexus 7 (2013) model.


Tracking operations can be performed without access to an Internet connection, but map features may not appear during real-time if the selected zoom level map tile was not previously loaded to the device. Tracks will appear on fully rendered maps once the device has access to the Internet.


Offline maps is a planned future enhancement for this product.

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Benefits of this WIS application

WIS Map was designed to meet the needs of wildlife professionals, landowners, and helicopter survey operators to record travel information and map survey data. The tracking feature shows how long, how far, and how fast you traveled. WIS map has the precision to track your travels by foot and the speed to track your travels by helicopter. Verify that the flown transects match the desired transects.

See the terrain induced route path for your spotlight and four wheeler surveys. Know how long a survey takes so you can more accurately plan for the next occurrence. Track mowing operations to see how far the tractor traveled and how much time it took. This information can be useful for maintenance and personnel scheduling. Mapping features allow you plot the points from WIS Survey including all its geolocated notes without needing to export and import location data. Plot the data and navigate right to any desired point using only your Android tablet.