WIS Line Point Intercept


WIS Line Point Intercept

WIS Line Point Intercept (LPI) is an example of a custom application developed for use by field data collection teams using methods approved by Western Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies (WAFWA) to perform Line Point Intercept studies for suitable habitat for the Lesser Prairie Chicken. Using spreadsheets provided Tetra-Tech, WIS LPI automates and validates field observations and produces fully formatted spreadsheets which are e-mailed directly to the centralized office.

  • Habitats and service areas are already predefined

  • Collect transect start and end GPS coordinates with a single button tap

  • Capture transect photo directly from the tablet

  • All habitat selections intercept points are single tap operations

  • View habitat scoring results on tablet

  • Completely eliminate spreadsheet entry time

Wildlife Information Systems is not affiliated with WAFWA or Tetra-Tech in any way.

WIS LPI runs on Android  tablets with built-in GPS. It is optimized for 7 inch tablets. We recommend the Nexus 7 (2013) model

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Benefits of this WIS application

WIS Line Point Intercept was designed to meet the specific needs of agencies affiliated with the WAFWA conservation plan for the Lesser Prairie Chicken. It provides data entry consistency and field validation for the data collection process and eliminates all previous effort needed to key paper form data into spreadsheets. Instead, preformatted spreadsheet template and data are emailed directly to the central data collection site. The data populates the spreadsheet with a single mouse click on a macro icon